First Kiss Flop. November 10, ’02.

Dear Journal,

OMG I was thisclose to getting my 1st kiss and I totally let it slip.  Aaahhh!!!  OK, I don’t like Craig anymore cuz Eve asked if he liked me, said as a good friend, w/e I like that better too.  So I went to Jess P.’s b-day party on Fri. night and thats when it was.  w/ Jon ;).  On Sat. morning we had to put papers in mailboxes for Jess’s mom + Jon came w/ us.  I went w/ him on one side, Jess, Abbie, and Kirsten did the other.  (We didn’t have any mailboxes on our side hehe) so we’re way ahead of everyone else and we talked the whole time.  It was fun.

Then on the way back to the house Jon asked if I wanted to play truth or dare (hmm…).  I said yes and abby + kirsten played too.  Jess dared Jon to smack my ass and he did!  OMG I was so embarrassed.  lol.  Kirsten dared me to pinch his butt, I was like w/e so I did.  I made kirsten yell “I love Adam P.!” at the top of her lungs, I had to tell her I love her, and that was basically it.  Then I had to think of a dare for Jon.  I knew what he wanted me to say and what I wanted to say but didn’t want to be fast so I tried thinking up anything.  I’m so bad under pressure so it took us like half an hour.  We got to the house and he had to get something so I told Kirsten + Abby what he prob wanted me to say (make-out w/ me or something like that) and A’s like “Oh thats good!” so when he came out she told him and he was like, “Oh, w/e.”  he said that he would if I let him (@ least that was nice lol) but I was such an idiot I was saying to A that I didn’t want my first kiss to be in T or D so she told him that, w/e.

So we were all cool still and everyone was wondering what we’d do.  We all ended up going to Justin W.’s house but didn’t stay.  We walked back through a cool trail in the woods (maybe a key part of my next weekend *wink wink*) and me + Jon were next to each other as usual.  He was telling me how people hunt out there and just cool stuff.  I made him switch sides w/ me so if they shot at us he’d get hit instead of me and he like bolted over.  It was pretty funny.  He asked me about the dare (makeout) and I told him how it started, etc.  then he’s like “That’s not a bad dare…” oh. my. god.  What I should have done was stop, look in his eyes and just go for it, but instead being the idiot that I am, I kept looking straight and just smiled and kinda giggled.  I didn’t totally kill it but if it was a human it’d be in critical condition.  ugh.  So then he was like wait stop so I did and he showed me the bogs.  they were really pretty actually.  Then Jess was like oh Jon why’d you stop if you weren’t gonna kiss her?  w/e she seemed kinda protective.  Oh ya, I’d boxed him before we went walking OMG so funny.  + he put his arm around me for a few secs when he was telling me to think of a dare. K + A were like–PDAs!


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